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Delrin Add-On Ribs

Ribs are constructed from Acetyl Plastic and are black in color. Each rib is cut to fit the matching rib and cut to the desired specification. The POI can be lowered, raised, or maintained. In this low profile look we do not use screws to attach the rib so no damage is done to the original rib. It can be removed later if you desire.


Delrin Rib for S x S

A recent customer asked if we could install a Delrin Add-On rib to a side x side. With the help of the CnC Machine we were able to make it happen.

Delrin Rib S x S

Prior to thid the customer could not see the beads on the rib as the rib was sunk way below the height of the barrels

Delrin Rib on S x S

Cost for this type of work is $ 400.00