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Perazzi Custom Stocks
Perazzi MX-2000 Combo
Beautiful English Walnut supplied by Old Tree Gunstocks, the gun is for a left hand
shooter. The stock has our trademark finger grips to help the hand stay consistent
with the hand vertical and trigger finger straight into the trigger.
Perazzi MX-10 RS
Beautiful Burl Myrtle supplied by White Creek Gunstocks The gun features finger grips
and the LOP is made for a Lady shooter. Great attention to detail on the grip area to
help eliminate wrist fatigue
MX-8 Skeet gun
This is a beautiful American Fiddle-Back Walnut Stock & forend.
The wood was provided by Robert Watts and features our Black
Ebony Grip Cap. Parallel comb design to minimize the effects of
felt recoil
MX-2000 RS Trap Combo
English Walnut provided by Old Tree Gun Stocks. Parallel comb
design and turned down grip to help control and minimize felt
recoil. Down pitch in stock eliminate muzzle jump
Perazzi MX-2000 Trap Combo
This is a fist for us, shown right is a beautiful piece of Feather Crotch Cherry Wood
Furnished by Earnie Ross. The stock features our trademarked Finger Grips and the
wood was extremely stable and nice to work with. Cindy said the checkering held the
points very well and they were very sharp
DB-81 Trap Combo
This was a magnificent piece of Burl Shell Flame Maple. The
customer provided the blank and the stock features our Black
Ebony Grip Cap
MX-2000 Sporting
The English Walnut provided by Cecil Fredi in Las Vegas. The gun was built
with a parallel stock and te forend features a maple leaf as the customer
is a sporting clays champion from Canada
MX-2000 RS Trap Combo
The wood is English and came from California. The stock features our Finger 
Grips Eliminates wrist fatigue and gives better control through the shot..
MX-2000 RS Trap Combo
This was built for a lady shooter and it represents the finest Tiger Myrtle wood
that is available today. The wood was provided by Mike Mann and the stock
features the Finger Grips that have become a trademark of our company.
MX-2000 RS Trap Combo
The wood is Burl Myrtle provided by Mike Mann. The stock is left handed
features our Black Ebony Dovetail Grip Cap. Over the years the dovetail has become
a kind of signature to our company. If you see it on a stock it more than likely came 
form Canton, Ohio
MX-2000 Trap Combo
The wood is Burl Turkish Walnut and was provided by Denli in Switzerland. It
displays the best of Turkish Walnut
MX-2000 RS Trap Combo
The wood English Walnut & was provided buy Old Tree Gun Stocks. The stock
sports our Black Ebony Grip Cap and the forend features the arrows that is a
logo from The United States Air Force. This gun was built for a full bird Colonel.
Plenty of black grain lines and that caramel color that everyone is after
Perazzi TM-1
You will be hard pressed to find a better piece of Burl Turkish Walnut with this unique
grain structure. This was the first piece of wood that we supplied with sap in the blank.
 Most stock makers would have stained the sap out but we chose to finish it natural and
I think that the colors and grain could not have been better. Haven't seen any others since
MX-8 Bicentennial Trap Combo
Another Beautiful Burl Turkish Walnut Stock & Forend. This was back in the day when
good Turkish Walnut was affordable. As in all of our stocks the wood was finished &
buffed out in the wood's natural color no stain and no fillers are used during the finish
process. All the wood's natural beauty is shown
Perazzi MX-2000 Combo
Beautiful Combo set in Royal Walnut supplied by the customer from Mike Mann.
The gun features our finger grips, Black ebony grip cap, and Delrin Add-On Rib.
Checkering was modified by the customer from one of Cindy's Original patterns
MX-2000 Trap Combo
I remember this piece it was a stock that turned out a ton better than the blank originally
showed. The English walnut had a very different grain structure that commonly found.
Perazzi MX-3 Special
This is a low profile stock for Skeet and Sporting Clays It was built with a stunning
piece of Feather Crotch English the photos do not do justice to the wood. The cheeks
were checkered and the stock features our in-letted Ebony grip cap as an accent